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  • Update december 2016

    The invention is from early 2014 and could have been production ready before Google AMP existed. It is remarkable that in the past 2 years Polaris from MIT and Google AMP received much media attention, while this invention delivers a far greater result and received no attention.

    There is currently no sight on a possibility that funding could be found. It appears that the project is forcefully ignored / blocked.

    The technology delivers a result that goes far beyond anything that exists and it provides all of the features of what Google describes as “Progressive Web Apps“, which is seen by Google as the future of the internet.

    The technology is truly able to deliver instant page load times for complex websites, with high reliability, no restrictions, no special demands (single click installation potential), up to 99% HTML data transfer saving and on top of that real-time HTML (live content) that offers unprecedented new possibilities for the internet.

    How can that be ignored?

    The reason for failure to find funding is unknown. We tried everything, registered at expensive investor networks and contacted hundreds of investors. There was almost no reply.

    No interest from investors is ok of course. Perhaps the technology isn't interesting for any reason. But considering the buzz about Google AMP, Polaris and Progressive Web Apps we expected at least some small encouraging or helpful responses from investors in The Netherlands. There was nothing (besides a few responses from private investors with little or no money). It felt as if investors were making a statement ("we ignore you").

    How is that possible? And why?

    The following quote from a blog shows how the 'buzz' arround the features of the Websockify technology was perceived by the average developer.

    By now, you’ve probably heard that Progressive Web Apps are the future of all mankind. They’ll bring world peace, end hunger, save the rainbows and unicorns, bring balance to the force, and a whole lot more. In the process, they might even push the mobile web forward, bring parity to web and native apps, and help mobile developers reach more users beyond the confines of the app stores.

    That all sounds great…but what are Progressive Web Apps, exactly?

    It appears that Google was actively promoting the features of the Websockify technology that made developers feel as if it was the next big thing on the internet.

    On the one side: Big buzz / next big thing on the internet. On the other side: we receive "no reply" from investors, not even a small encouraging message for a breaktrough innovation...

    The Websockify invention is completely ignored.

    We did not choose crowd funding because the project required expert guidance. We have chosen to wait for a bigger investor, party or business partner to contact to lead the way from their (more experienced) perspective.

    The story of Citymapper on Techcrunch (6 December 2016) confirms that we made the right choice. The author of the app did not contact investors or seek an investment and was contacted by investors, received a first investment of 10 million pound and a second investment of 40 million pound.

    To prevent any personal reason for failure, in the beginning of 2016 a partnership was forged with a 10 employee SEO company in The Netherlands. They were given 60% of the equity for free with the agreement that they would find funding and invest several years to make the product a success. The concept was handed over for nothing to a party that must have had the ultimate chance to find funding, being a SEO company that has a successful SEO university and that provides SEO classes, and therefor has proven skills in communication and presentation. The owner of the company also appeared to have the personal ambition to create a successful WordPress plugin.

    After just 2 months of trying the SEO company "gave up" and attempted to quickly sell the invention + the developed MVP while holding 60% of the equity. Because the SEO company failed to fulfill its financial commitments (contribute 50.000 euro for an MVP) the agreement was legally terminated so that our company is 100% owner again of the intellectual property.

    Although the attempt for a quick sale may appear suspicious, we do not believe that the ex-partner is a bad person and we do believe that he has tried everything to find funding, and failed. His company has about 10 employees (mostly female SEO specialists) and exists for 10 years, so he has certainly had a good chance in The Netherlands to find funding. The fact that he did not succeed is an indicator that something is blocking the project / making it impossible to find funding.

    It seems that the project could end in failure due to lack of funding.

    The author is 100% honest / has done nothing wrong. The author stood for truth and that may have made some people mad (intellectual allegations on a blog that has been read by more than 1 million readers are being ignored for 10 years already, and they try to escape by hiding in silence and by attacking at the person), but to completely ignore this project is something that should not be possible.

    The author has done a lot of good. Although the previous project of the author, an international City Portal named "I Love City Name" (I Love The Netherlands), failed financially (it did not cause any depth but it did not return a profit), it has created a lot of value. The platform has more than 500.000 readers on social media. The intend of the platform was to create an authentic insight into what really lives among people in a city and to make that information available in all languages to lower the threshold for interaction between people from different countries and cultures. It was an ambitious project, and the social media is still managed by hundreds of social media editors creating free city marketing.

    Something is wrong with ignoring me or this invention.

    For now the project is on hold.

    For more information, please contact the author